Saturday, March 7, 2009

Everybody does it

"Everybody does it" can sometimes lull us into complacency about the higher calling we are called to. God expects us to be different, in places calling us his "strange and peculiar people" and "the salt of the earth"

Some areas we might be lax:

* Fudging or cheating on our tax reporting
* Our language
* Speeding
* pre-marital sexual relations
* watching inappropriate material
* downloading pirated songs or movies
* keeping the change if a clerk makes a mistake

Why do these "Little things" matter? They matter because if we are no different from others in the world, then we don't represent the change that Christ brings about. Often Christianity is discarded as an option when those who might otherwise be seeking have been exposed to Christians who showed them there is no difference. As Christians we are representatives of Christ, and when we are shown to be dishonest, poor at repayment of debts, given to adultery, using "that's business" as an excuse to be hard-nosed or greedy, then we don't represent Christ at all, and we convince others that Chistians have nothing special, or worse, that we use our Christianity as license to do as we please.

So next time you think "Everybody else does it" just remember, we're not everybody else. We're called to be different.


Anonymous said...

I watched your pastor's sermon yesterday and I've been singing "rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice" for 2 days now. Which is a good thing. I am nondenominational. You're a hand, I'm a foot, we're all part of the body of Christ

Smart Alec said...

Glad you liked it - I was attempting to build a site with text of his sermoms along with MP3, but I fell behind and eventually abandoned the effort. What I managed to put online you can find at I like the new video format much better than MP3.