Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gifts left unwrapped

I wonder how often as Christians we receive answers to prayers and requests, and then we end up not accepting God's special assistance and intervention.

We ask.

God offers help.

We pass.

Wisdom not accepted, divine guidance not acted on, warnings not heeded, opportunities not taken.

I have both seen personally and heard others tell me of times they have prayed for someone else, either for spiritual awakening or financial and relationship help, and then we see those prayers answered in some way. A renewed interest in spiritual things, a second chance at a relationship, or an opportunity providing a way out of the financial trouble they are in.

But before long, the interest wanes, the chances are squandered, and opportunities get missed.

What happened?

And just as importantly: Is this happening in my own life as well? Am I getting answers to prayer and then not recognizing or ignoring the advice, squandering my temporary financial relief by relaxing a little rather than using it to improve my situation?

And for those times that we pray for others, and then see the answers come to them, is there anything we can do to keep God's gifts from amounting to nothing?

Have others seen this same effect or am I imagining things?


Anonymous said...

I pray every day for God to guide me in all things and for ME to get out of the way of His will in my life, so I hope to not lose out on any blessings or squandering them, like you said.

Kokorozashi said...

I think I've been on both ends of this equation, and I suspect that when we squander gifts from God, it's sometimes because we're so busy trying to feel 'in control' of our own lives that we don't see them.

For me, at least, the harder I try to control my own life, the worse I do :)

The more I struggle, the tighter the snare -- and I think when someone is caught up in the snare of his own troubles, he can have a hard time seeing that if he will just stop wriggling for a second, God will loosen the snare so he can go free. Likewise, when you're busy struggling, and trying to solve the problem yourself, it can be hard to make the choice to see what God has set before you.

You have a very thoughtful blog, here. I read your piece about 'skippable church' and laughed -- specifically because your 'skippable church' entry worked for me just as your experiences with questions being answered in sermons have worked for you!

Thanks. I'm guessing you touch more lives than you know. I seem to be one of them :)