Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Running on empty

We live in a whirlwind of blessings from God, and yet He is very skillful at giving us blessings without being obvious about it.

I often think God runs better on "empty" than on "full". When we're "full" we feel self sufficient and have a reduced sense of our need for God.

When Jesus fed the 5000 with 3 loaves and two fishes, (and when Elisha did the same thing in II Kings 4:42-44) He did not do a more visibly spectacular miracle of creating a mountain of food and then distributing it. Instead He "ran on empty", but made what was available sufficient to supply everyone's needs, enough that there was left over.

When Jesus sent out the disciples he instructed that they take nothing with them, and when they returned he asked if they had lacked for anything. Their every need had been met.

I have often heard about people who have gotten "just enough" or got it "just in time". Because God has unlimited resources, he is able to supply our every need. By supplying us just in time and with just enough He helps us to not fall into the indulgences we might be tempted with if we got too much or got it too soon.

I just learned last week that when my wife and daughter were in Guatemala on a mission trip about three weeks ago, they had a loaves and fishes type miracle. They had food for 150 and were unprepared for the 450 villagers who came to eat. Many of these villagers eat just beans or beans and corn tortillas because that's what they can afford or what they grow, so this meal with lots of fruit and variety was quite an opportunity, and they all ate plenty. The food never ran out, and when it was over the leftovers equaled about what they had started with.

While we love to hear of and experience miracles, we need to remember that everyday life is probably full of unseen miracles that we never notice. "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want".


Anonymous said...

God's 'just in time' timing also keeps us in prayer, recognizing our need for him.