Sunday, December 3, 2006


Hello! Welcome to my (finally) little spot for musings.

I come up with ideas from time to time and then they are soon forgotten. Well, No More! Here they will grow and we'll see what they become collectively.

A few words of explanation: I go by "Smart Alec" because when we were kids my younger brother was impressed with something I had come up with, and said, "wow Eric, you sure are a smart alec!" I didn't correct him - I knew what he meant :) So I'll see if I can't drum up some of those smarts to share with you here. Wish me luck.

And as for the title of this blog - Pocket Sermon - I came up with that a couple years back, thinking that it would be good to always have a little mini-sermon at the ready, to inspire and get people thinking. and if I don't have a fresh one from time to time then that means I need to be spending more time with the Word and Prayer :) For my first example I'll post "Jesus and Seat Belts", which I came up with yesterday. Not everything here will be a mini-sermon, and maybe that's even a bad name for it, but hey, I gotta start somewhere, so here we go!